Pro Shop

The logo for Skaters Network Newcastle.

Did you know the Pro Shop at Hunter Ice Skating Stadium is actually Skaters Network Newcastle?

Our team consists of experienced hockey players and figure skaters ready to provide personalized fittings. They understand the diverse needs across different ages and skill levels, ensuring the perfect fit for you.

As part of the Skaters Network family, if there’s something specific you desire that isn’t currently in stock, we’ll swiftly retrieve it from the Skaters Network warehouse—no strings attached, and no extra delivery charges!

Found something cheaper somewhere else? Talk to our staff and we’ll give you the best deal we can.

While we’re more than happy to assist you over the phone and arrange deliveries, nothing beats the personalised attention and service you’ll receive when you visit us in person. Getting the right fit for your skate boots or blades is crucial for an optimal skating experience and to unlocking your full potential on the ice.

Beyond skates, we also stock an array of equipment: pads, gloves, helmets, bags, hockey sticks, mouthguards, tape, laces—practically everything you need for a thrilling time ice hockey, figure skating, or simply gliding gracefully across the ice.

Looking for Northstars supporter gear or any skating and hockey merchandise? Look no further; we’ve got it all covered!

Our doors are open during rink hours, and if the Pro Shop happens to be unattended, our rink staff will gladly assist you.

Contact us at (02) 4954 4499 or drop by to explore the ultimate skating and hockey haven!


Skate sharpening

Drop your skates off at Hunter Ice Skating Stadium during rink operating hours and we’ll endeavor to have them ready for you the next day. We’ll even take the guess work out for you by calling you when they’re ready to collect!

Don’t know what blade radius is best for your needs? Speak to one of our skate specialists and we’ll get you skating just the way you like it.


Heat Molding

Get your skates heat molded to have the perfect fit!
When skates are heated, their material becomes more pliable, allowing it to mold and better conform to the shape of your foot. This customised fit to your foot shape enhances comfort, performance, and reduces break-in time, offering a personalized and efficient skating experience. It can also reduce pressure points, ensuring a snug fit for improved control, agility, and responsiveness on the ice.

Heat molding is complimentary with any skate purchase from Skaters Network Newcastle, or only $50 to have skates you already own molded to your feet.


Ice Skate Repairs

Need an eyelet replaced? Has a rivet come loose?
Our ice skate experts can get your favourite skates back into ice worthy condition.
Bring your skates in during rink operating hours and we’ll assess your repair needs and give you all the repair options and the timeframe for work to be completed.