Newcastle In House League

A banner showing the Newcastle Ice Hockey League (NIHL) logo with the hashtag Community Through Hockey and the website address

Welcome to the Newcastle Inhouse Hockey League (NIHL), where competitive ice hockey in Newcastle begins!


Organized by Hockey MD, the NIHL sets the stage for both senior players, aged 14 and above, and juniors in the 14U category.

The NIHL is also a fantastic entry point to graduates of the Learn to Play Ice Hockey school who are looking to start their competitive ice hockey journey.

Interested players looking to join the NIHL  will be placed into divisions and teams according to their playing background. Full protective gear is mandatory for all participants.

The league plays year-round, spanning both winter and summer seasons, ensuring non-stop action on the ice!

Stay updated with the latest news, rules, statistics, standings, schedules, and team details by visiting the NIHL website at